𝐓raditional 𝐂ouncils 𝐀nd 𝐃istrict 𝐀ssembly Should 𝐂onsider 𝐀n 𝐀ward 𝐒cheme 𝐓o strengthen 𝐒ub-𝐃istrict 𝐀dministrative 𝐒tructures 𝐎f 𝐓he πŒπŒπƒπ€π’

A former DCE and Gyasihene of the Mansen Divisional Council in the Dormaa East District, Nana Asamoah Deamono Kototi Kumi, has suggested the consideration of an award scheme to appreciate and motivate the roles town and area councils play in the various communities of the country.

The chief who made the suggestion at the inaugural ceremony of the Wamfie Town Council at the Wamfie Presbyterian church, emphasized that the town and area councils are the eyes and the ears of the various communities and the first point of call in every issues.

He explained that it is through them that the grassroots participate in the governance of the country and also a source of revenue generation for the development of communities, hence their place in the decentralization process cannot be overlooked.

Nana Asamaoh Kokoti therefore expressed the view that a well thought out award scheme by the Traditional Councils and the MMDAs may go a long way to build the capacities of members to properly perform their statutory functions, financially and materially motivate them, strengthen the decentralization policy, ensure good governance, improve revenue mobilization and accelerate development.

The Dormaa East District from Monday March 18, to Wednesday March 20, 2024 inaugurated one town council and five area councils namely the Wamfie Town Council and the Asuotiano, Dormaa Akwamu, Akontanim, Kyeremasu and Wamanafo Area Councils. The same event saw the swearing-in of the various Unit Committees and their executives.

The District Chief Executive who inaugurated the councils and swore-in the unit committees and their executives drew their attention to their roles in the local governance system.

He used the occasion to explain the new procedure involved in the second phase of the planting for food and jobs (PFJ) about to kick start and announced the Assembly’s readiness to freely distribute 20,000 coconut seedlings to farmers.

The DCE also used the occasion to appeal to Assembly Members to do well and elect a Presiding Member in their next meeting after three time failed attempts and seized the opportunity to promote locally produced goods of the district.

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