𝐃ormaa 𝐄ast 𝐃istrict 𝐀ssembly 𝐇old Town 𝐇all 𝐌eeting

To deepen democracy and strengthen decentralization processes in the Dormaa East District, duty bearers at the Assembly on Friday, March 08, 2024 engaged stakeholders at various levels in the communities in a town hall meeting at the Wamfie Presbyterian church.

The meeting served as a platform for management of the assembly to account for their stewardship, public resource entrusted into their care and suggest plans to mitigate challenges bedeviling them.

It was also a medium to interact and solicit for the inputs of the people towards sustainable development and the people’s socio-economic relief.

While the Budget and Development Planning Units, took turns to give presentations on the Assembly’s sources of funding and usage and the stages of various implemented projects, programmes, and government policies; the Spatial Planning, Revenue and Environmental Health and Sanitation heads, educated attendees on their core mandates and how to access their services.

Present were executives of various associations, nananom, opinion leaders, assembly members and some senior citizens.

The District Chief Executive, Hon. Kofi Agyeman in a short address, explained that in as much as the meeting is to fulfil constitutional mandate and ensure transparency and accountable governance, without the active participation of citizens that aim cannot be achieved. He appealed to citizens to prioritize such engagements for their own benefits.

The DCE used the occasion to also appealed to Assembly members to put aside pertinent issues hindering their inability to elect a Presiding Officer after two attempts.

He added that such a problem has the tendency of depriving the Assembly of many benefits. He was very particular about the district inability to make enough IGF, hence called on the citizens to help.

Hon. Agyeman spend some time elaborating achievements of the previous year, (2023) and the assembly’s expectation in 2024 with certain specific projects like staff accommodation to be given much attention.


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