𝐃𝐂𝐄, 𝐇on. 𝐄mmanuel 𝐊ofi 𝐀gyeman 𝐈nteracts 𝐎ne 𝐎n 𝐎ne 𝐖ith 𝐂ross 𝐒ections 𝐎f 𝐂ommunity 𝐌embers 𝐈n 𝐓he 𝐃ormaa 𝐄ast 𝐃istrict.

To better understand the needs and plights of the people he is leading, the District Chief Executive, Hon. Emmanuel Kofi Agyeman has since the beginning of his appointment into office found various means of engaging the local people in the day today administration of the District.

The month of March also known as Ghana Month, has seen most of visits and interactions with several people in various enterprises of the District.

The interactions forms part of a hundred days’ activities earmarked to climax his tenure of office. It is also to continues to better his understanding of the peoples’ expectations, interests and needs in order to make better decisions and better address certain issues.

He uses such mediums to locally promote goods and services within the District.

Some extracts of his visits and interactions:

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